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Having the right life insurance is crucial in planning for the future of you and your loved ones. Life insurance can help you keep promises you’ve made your family when you are gone.
Life Insurance
Planning for your future includes keeping yourself and your family protected in the event of a disaster, and the right life insurance coverage can help you continue to provide for your loved ones. As you grow older, your life changes, and so will your life-insurance policy needs. We understand this and can help you get the right life coverage, no matter what stage of your live you’ve reached. Life-changing events happen every day, events that may require an update of your life insurance protection. Have you recently been married or divorced, welcomed a new child or even a grandchild? Have you started a business, recently purchased or refinanced your home or simply want to plan for your future? Any of these situations can require an update to your life insurance policy, and Spectrum offers a wide variety of options to fit your needs.

  • Term Life Insurance | Term life insurance is a great way to get started with a life insurance program as it gives you some flexibility in your coverage. Term life is available through varying lengths from one to 30 years and is generally less expensive than whole, or permanent, life insurance.
  • Whole Life Insurance | Whole life insurance keeps you protected for your entire lifetime and pays out your premiums as specified in your policy. Whole life insurance will keep you protected against an accident, but can also increase in value over time, serving as a valuable asset.
  • Universal Life Insurance | Like whole life, universal life is permanent life insurance that keeps you protected for your entire lifetime. However, unlike whole life, universal life provides flexibility in premiums and pricing structure, while still building interest at an adjustable rate.
Entering retirement is a big step in anyone’s life, and one that you don’t want to take without financial stability. An annuity account can help ensure you have the financial security you deserve when you retire.

Group Life Insurance
If you’re a business owner, you want to make sure your employees are covered as best as possible, and that means putting their minds at ease in case of an accident. Group life insurance will help you provide term, whole or universal life coverage to your employees on a wholesale basis, making it more affordable for your employees.