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As a Spectrum Insurance Solutions policy holder, you are free to contact us when you have a claim. You can also contact your carrier directly, 24 hours a day. Don’t see your provider listed? Just call the toll-free number listed on your insurance card.

Electric Insurance Company
Claims Phone:  800.342.5342
Policy Questions:  800.342.5342
Claims Website:  www.electricinsurance.com/claims
Website:  www.electricinsurance.com
Foremost Insurance
Claims Phone:  800.527.3907
Billing Phone:  800.532.4221
Policy Questions:  800.527.3907
Claims Website:  www.foremost.com/claims
Website:  www.foremost.com
Hartford Insurance
Claims Phone:  877.805.9918
Billing Phone:  860.547.5000
Policy Questions:  860.547.5000
Claims Website:  www.thehartford.com/claims
Website:  www.thehartford.com
Nationwide Insurance
Claims Phone:  800.421.3535
Billing Phone:  888.891.0267
Policy Questions:  877.669.6877
Claims Website:  www.nationwide.com/insurance-claims-center.jsp
Website:  www.nationwide.com
Progressive Insurance
Claims Phone:  800.776.4737
Billing Phone:  800.776.4737
Policy Questions:  800.776.4737
Claims Website:  www.progressive.com/claims
Website:  www.progressive.com
Safeco Insurance
Claims Phone:  800.332.3226
Billing Phone:  800.332.3226
Policy Questions:  800.332.3226
Claims Website:  www.safeco.com/claims-center
Website:  www.safeco.com
State Auto Insurance
Claims Phone:  800.766.1853
Billing Phone:  800.444.9950
Policy Questions:  800.444.9950
Claims Website:  www.stateauto.com/Claims
Website:  www.stateauto.com
Travelers Insurance
Claims Phone:  800.252.4633
Billing Phone:  800.842.5075
Policy Questions:  800.842.5075
Claims Website:  www.travelers.com/claims
Website:  www.travelers.com