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If your home is damaged due to an accident, or someone is injured while inside it, your insurance coverage is there to protect you from the potential resulting financial hardship and keep your friends and family safe.
Home Insurance
Purchasing a home is a major investment, and that investment requires protection. Whether you own or rent, we’ll help you choose the best possible coverage for the most affordable price.

Spectrum understands that you and your neighbors are individuals, and you deserve coverage that meets your specific needs. Your home coverage consists of several different types of protection, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose the amount of coverage that works for you.

  • Dwelling Protection | If your home is damaged, your dwelling protection will help you repair or rebuild in the event of a major disaster, as well as remove any damaged property from the premises.
  • Personal Property Protection | Your home is extremely valuable, but so are the items inside. Personal property protection will help you replace electronics, furniture, clothes and other items if they are damaged or stolen. If you have valuable items, like jewelry, instruments, or collections, you may be able to obtain special coverage for those items.
  • Personal Liability Protection | If you are at fault for injury to another person or damage to their property, inside or outside of your home, personal liability coverage will ensure you’re protected.
  • Medical Protection | If a guest in your home is injured, medical protection will protect your assets by helping to cover their medical expenses.
  • Additional Living Protection | If your home is damaged and you are unable to live in it, additional living protection can cover you while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. This coverage is also referred to as loss of use coverage.
  • Renting Out Your Home? | If you decide to rent your home to someone else, there are going to be increased risks to your home. Talk to your Spectrum agent about updating the coverage to make sure you’re protected.
Boat Insurance
When you hit the open water, you want to make sure you are protected. Spectrum offers coverage that will cover your watercraft, dock, equipment, and passengers to ensure your water-time is worry-free.

Condo Insurance
Your condominium is unique, just like you, and Spectrum knows you need coverage to fit your condo. We’ll find you coverage for your personal property and liability. We also work with your association policy insurer to ensure any improvements that fall within your agreement with your condo association policy are protected.

Farm Insurance
Farmers and ranchers have different needs than a typical business, and you need insurance coverage to fit those needs. Spectrum can help farmers and ranchers find specific coverage, whether you own the farm, rent it or simply use the property as a business.

Rental Insurance
As a landlord, you want insurance that’s designed specifically to protect your rental properties. A landlord protection policy gives you choices for the insurance coverage you need. In addition, if the property were unable to rent due to a covered loss, you can be reimbursed for the fair rental value of your lost rental income for a period of time. These are just a couple examples of how we work to ensure your protection meets your needs.

Tenant Insurance
As a tenant, you need to protect yourself in case of an accident. If something happens in your apartment and causes damage to other property around you, it could be financially devastating. Spectrum can help you protect yourself against an unfortunate accident by finding tenant insurance to fit your situation and budget.

Umbrella Insurance
An umbrella keeps you protected from external elements, and an umbrella insurance policy works the same way. If you’ve reached limits on your insurance coverage, an umbrella policy will take over and provide the added liability protection you need to protect the assets you have worked so hard to earn.