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If you have to visit the doctor due to an illness or just to ensure you’re keeping a healthy lifestyle, your health insurance policy will be there to help cover your medical expenses, which could keep you paying for life without coverage.
Health Insurance
Being healthy oftentimes means relying on medical services to treat you for various illnesses or just to ensure you’re staying healthy. Unfortunately, medical treatments can be very expensive. Without a reliable health insurance policy, you could be paying medical expenses for a very long time, possibly your entire life depending on your medical history. The right health insurance policy can help keep you protected in the event of an unexpected illness that could cost you a lot of money. Whether you’re looking for coverage for yourself and your family or even for employees at your business, Spectrum can help you find the right health insurance coverage to fit your needs.

  • Individual Health Insurance | Everyone deserves to be protected from an unexpected illness and many people don’t have the luxury of getting insurance through their employer. Individual policies provide direct coverage for you and your family to ensure you and your loved ones get the medical care you need.
  • Group Health Insurance | If you own a business, you’ll want your employees to be protected as best as possible and that includes keeping them and their families healthy. Spectrum can help you find an affordable group health insurance plan that will keep costs down for you and give your employees the security and coverage they need.
Dental Insurance
Living a healthy lifestyle includes taking care of your mouth and teeth. Spectrum can help you find an individual or family dental insurance plan that will help make regular trips to the dentist affordable. Do you own a business? Spectrum can help you find dental insurance plans for your employees as well.

Vision Insurance
Health isn’t just about making routine visits to the doctor, though that’s important. Good overall health means making sure you’re taking care of everything, and that includes your vision. Spectrum can help you find the right vision coverage for you and your family or help your employees receive affordable vision care if you own a business.

Disability Insurance
If you’re injured and can’t work, you could run into considerable financial strain. Disability insurance is there to make sure you can pay your bills, make your mortgage payments, keep your pantry full and alleviate that monetary burden so you can concentrate on getting back on your feet.

Long-Term Care Insurance
When planning for your future, long-term care insurance can ensure that if you encounter a serious illness later in life and can no longer take care of yourself, your expenses will continue to be taken care of, removing the financial burden from friends and family. Long-term care insurance has more options than ever before. There’s never been a better time to consider adding this protection to your retirement plan.